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"I can really relate to Debra Tracy's characters and feel like I'm experiencing their adventures right alongside them. Definitely some of my favorite books!

Amazon Reviewer - Tyler J.

Peridot - The Secret Portal

Monet's Fun Camp

Adventure, suspense, and fun! What’s not to love about that? Peridot the Secret Portal is book one of the captivating six-book fantasy/adventure series starring cousins and best friends Jonathan and Molly Wiggins. A tree fort, elephant prints in Jonathan’s backyard, a secret portal leading to a paradise land with a big problem the cousins are expected to fix… Just try to put the book down! Original, witty, unpredictable, and just plain awesome are some of the praises being showered down upon this new and exciting novel for kids!

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If you love fun, puppies, and real stories about really clever kids who set out to make a difference in their neighborhood, then read on! But beware: Other kids who have read about Monet and her best friend Diamond haven’t been able to put the book down. Oh, and the furry one is Carl. He’s a Saint Bernard. Yeah, even I wanted to run out and get a Saint Bernard after writing this story.  See how Monet talks her parents into adopting the eventual 175-pound drooling and shedding machine. Some of her tips might come in handy! 

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Monet’s Fun Camp
By Debra Tracy

Meet the Tanners


Meet the Tanners is a heartwarming, fun-filled dog story with excitement you won’t want to miss at every turn of the page. If you like dogs, animals, friends, and family, this heartwarming read is the book for you!

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Finding Jack

When Drew, Gabby, and Joey Tanner go to Grandma Babbin’s sprawling organic farm to spend spring break, they think they are taking a relaxing vacation filled with eating blue-ribbon food, riding horses and four wheelers, and shopping at the outlet mall. But when they discover that Grandma Babbin’s neighbor and close friend, Mrs. Bobbin, lost her dog out in the woods and is inconsolable, Drew and Gabby pitch in to help find him. Drew comes up with a plan they can’t even tell Grandma Babbin about, and he and Gabby get the surprise of their lives in Finding Jack! (Warning: CUTE dogs on board!)

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